THE TRENCH is a first person shooter video game on PC taking place during the First World War. You assume the role of a French foot soldier mobilized on the Verdun front. One of the main gameplay mechanics is that you begin the game 3 days before the German assault on the 21st February 1916.

This time allows you to prepare for the future assaults of the Germans. You can request field artillery placements on a precise zone, air support, Trench raiding and the positioning of foot soldiers in strategic places.

These 3 days will allow you to prepare the structure and the scene of the approaching battle.

This also offers the player an important level of replayability.

Gallica Game Studio Team.

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Latest News

Day of commemoration - 11th November, 2014

We take this day of commemoration, the 11th of November. We've added a new screenshot to the screenshot gallery !

Video Feature #2 -  Destructible Environment & Terrain deformation - 12th April, 2014

Artillery and mortars change the landscape of the battlefield. Dynamic deformation affects only the No Man's Land as well as some areas of the map. The shells create craters that form cover during attacks but they can just as well represent a mortal danger, some contain layers of stagnant gas.

Video Feature #1 - Dynamic Environment - 9th September, 2013

This environment is bound to climatic conditions (rain, snow, and storms) as well as to the cycle of day and night.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - 12th January, 2013

The information contained in this FAQ reflects the current state of development of THE TRENCH.
It should be noted that the items listed are likely to undergo some change before the game's release.

THE TRENCH is alive ! - 11th November, 2012

We take this day of commemoration, the 11th of November to give you an update on
the development of THE TRENCH.

February 21 start of the Battle of Verdun ! - 21 February 2012

On this day of commemoration for the start of the Battle of Verdun, we give you some
news from THE TRENCH.

THE TRENCH development continues ! - 11th November 2011

More than ever, THE TRENCH development continues.
We take this day of commemoration to post some screenshots on the progress of the game.

Support the war effort ! - March 29th 2011

You can support the development of the game.

They shall not pass !


Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage LEBEL Mle 1889 M93 - March 29th 2011

The first video of the trench representing a tiny part of the tutorial.

Mle 1886 M93